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Course Descriptions

NTR 611 Concepts for Nutrition Practice

A course to bridge theory and practice for the dietetic interns as they prepare for clinical practice. Included will be application experiences in medical terminology, charting principles, assessment parameters, and menu preparation. Oral communications and writing guidelines will be reviewed with an emphasis on the integration of computer technology to enhance presentation style.
Co-requisites of NTR 613 and NTR 614 are required.
Only open to DI students.
Fall, 1 credit

NTR 613/614 DI Clinical Experience I/II

A 1200-hour supervised practical experience to include responsibilities in the areas of clinical nutrition, food service management and community nutrition. Acceptance into the DI program in nutrition is required.
Fall/Spring, 3 credits each

NTR 615/616 DI Clinical Experience Seminar I/II

A seminar supplementing the clinical experience provided in NTR 613/614.
Co-requisite of NTR 613/614 is required.
Only open to DI students.
Fall, 1 credit
Spring, 3 credits

NTR 626 Advanced Counseling Skills

This course is designed to provide students with a conceptual basis for patient-centered nutrition counseling. Focus on developing non-verbal and verbal skills to understand nutrition-related problems from the patient’s perspective and to engage the patient in problem-solving processes. Skill development progresses from paper and pencil exercises to simulated patient counseling sessions.
Pre-requisite of NTR 211 or equivalent is required.
Fall, 3 credits