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Typical Sequence of Courses

Fall I Semester

NUR 501 Advanced Practice Nursing: Leadership, Management and Role Development (3)
NUR 601 Theories and Conceptual Models of Nursing (3)

Spring I Semester

NUR 602 Nursing Research I (3)
NUR 604 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology (3)

Fall II Semester

NUR 605 Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing (4)
NUR 621 The Family: Social, Ethical and Policy Issues (3)

Spring II Semester

NUR 606 Advanced Health Assessment (2)
NUR 606L Advanced Health Assessment Practicum - 90 hours (2)
NUR 702 Nursing Research II (3)

Fall III Semester

NUR 611 Diagnosis and Management I: Primary Care of the Adult (4)
NUR 622 FNP Practicum I: Primary Care of Families (Adults) -270 hours (6)
NUR 622S Diagnosis and Management I Seminar (0)

Spring III Semester

NUR 612 Diagnosis and Management II: Primary Care of Families (Women and Children)(4)
NUR 623 FNP Practicum II: Primary Care of Families (Women and Children) - 270 hours (6)
NUR 623S Diagnosis and Management II Seminar (0)

Total: 46 credits and 630 practicum hours