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Typical Sequence of Courses

Core Requirements

Course Credits
TAX 620 Tax Accounting 3
TAX 625 Federal Taxation of Estates, Gift, and Trusts 3
TAX 760 Tax Research 3
TAX 762 Procedures and Practices in Federal Taxation 3
TAX 771 Corporate Taxation 3
TAX 775 Introduction to Partnerships and Limited Liability Entities 3
Total credits required 18

Concentration Requirements


Taxation Concentration - 12 credits required from the following:

Course Credits
TAX 729 State and Local Taxation 3
TAX 772 Corporate Reorganizations 3
TAX 773 Consolidated Returns 3
TAX 776 Subchapter S Corporations 3
TAX 777 Estate Planning 3
TAX 778 Advanced Partnerships and Limited Liability Entities 3
TAX 779 Tax-Exempt Organizations 3
TAX 780 Fundamentals of Qualified Employee Benefit Plans 3
TAX 788 International Taxation 3
TAX 790 Seminar in Current Developments in Taxation 3
TAX 791 Independent Study 3
Total Credits Required to complete the program 33

A minimum of 27 credits of coursework must be in the taxation field. A student may petition the program coordinator to substitute an accounting, business, or economics course as an elective. Such a substitution shall be limited to one course in the student's program of study.