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Course Descriptions

ACC 11 Accounting Principles I

This course presents an introduction to fundamental financial accounting principles, concentrating on identifying, recording, and communicating the economic events of a business organization. This course studies the theory and practice of accounting. Topics covered during the semester include the balance sheet, income statement, and principles required to understand financial accounting systems.
Every Semester, 3 credits

ACC 12 Accounting Principles II

This course is the second in the accounting principles sequence. The first part of the course focuses on partnerships and the corporate form of business organization, including financial statement analysis and cash flow statements. Students are then introduced to managerial accounting concepts and how they can be used in fostering internal business decision-making. Information concerning the behavior of costs, profit planning, and budgeting is analyzed to enhance meaningful comprehension of managerial accounting.
Every Semester, 3 credits

LAW13 Legal Environment of Business

This course examines the origins of law, business ethics, court system, business related torts, contracts, agency, partnership, corporations, employment law, intellectual property, and international business law.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MAN 11 Principles of Management

This course introduces the student to management history, concepts, theories and practices. The managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling are examined.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MAN 12 Organizational Behavior

This course focuses on human behavior within organizations, including such topics as: motivation, communication, leadership, formal and informal organizations, implementing change, and organizational development.
Every Semester, 3 credits

MKT 11 Marketing Principles and Practices

This is a survey course of the field of marketing with particular emphasis on segmentation and target marketing, differential advantage, product life cycles, positioning, marketing mix decisions and product development.
Every Semester, 3 credits

FIN 11 Corporation Finance

This course covers basic principles by which the modern corporation manages its assets, controls its liabilities and raises new capital. Topics covered include the mathematics of finance, valuation and rates of return on securities, financial statement analysis, forecasting, planning and budgeting, working capital management, introduction to capital budgeting techniques, and cost of capital considerations.
Every Semester, 3 credits

BUS 10 Introduction to Business

This course examines the role of business in American society; the interrelated activities through which business provides the goods and services essential to contemporary society; and the interrelationships between business and government, labor, and society at large. General areas of study center on: the foundation of business; management of the enterprise; marketing activities; finance and financial services; and contemporary business problems and developments. (BUS 10, an elective, should be taken in the freshman year.)
On Occasion, 3 credits