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Course Descriptions

POL 83 Policy-Making in American Government

This course studies the emphasis on policy-making at different levels of national, state, and local government. It includes an analysis of relationships of political inputs to policy outputs; evolution of the results of the policy process; relationship to the democratic process and the limitations.
3 credits

PHI 13 Human Values

This course is an introduction to human values that focuses on such ethical, social and aesthetic questions as: What is the basis of right and wrong? How can one gain knowledge of good and evil? How do we judge beauty? What do we mean by justice? What makes life worth living?
3 credits

HPA 30 Critical Issues in Health/Public Administration

Multidisciplinary seminar focusing on sociological, political and economic issues of health care and public administration. Selected issues will be determined by recent developments in the organization and delivery of health care and public services.
3 credits

HPA 15 Health Resource Allocation in Health Care/Public Sector

The course focuses on the application of special problems involving health and public resources, allocation, markets, personnel shortages, as well as issues relating to the equity and stabilization of the public/health sector.
3 credits