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Course Descriptions

HAD 10 American Health Systems

This course is a survey of the American health care system that examines the elements related to the organization, delivery, financing and planning of health services.
3 credits

HPA 14 Financial Management in Health Care/Public Administration

A survey of the principles and practices of financial management theory and its applications to health care and public administration. The course will focus on budgeting and cost control, cost reimbursement, taxation and revenue, cost incentive programs and financial analysis specific to the health care and public sectors.
3 credits

HPA 18 Research Methods

An overview of the scientific method as it applies to research in fields of health care and public administration. Special attention will be devoted to examining issues related to cost effectiveness and alternatives.
3 credits

HPA 20 Computer-Based Management Systems

This course is a comprehensive review of computer concepts and usage in health and public sectors. It covers the types of computers which are appropriate and the storage devices needed. Students learn to create programs, and to evaluate packaged software for its applicability to their department’s needs. The course involves extensive “hands-on” computer use.
3 credits

PHI 19 Medical Ethics

This course explores philosophical issues raised by modern medical technology and practice such as experiments on humans and animals, genetic engineering, transplants, the responsibility of the hospital to the community, decisions about who gets limited medical resources, the issues surrounding AIDS, mental illness and behavior control and patient rights which includes the right to the truth.
3 credits