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Fall 2014

Dan Catalano

Dan holds a B.A. in English and is currently working towards his Master’s in the same field. His academic interests include Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance literature, with a focus on how the works of these periods connect to modern culture. He aspires to a career in the independent publishing industry.

Christopher Leach

Christopher Leach is a last-year graduate student in the Health Care Administration program. In the undergraduate portion of his program, he minored in Film, and his thesis was in Biology. An aspiring wellness professional, Christopher is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise. With both eyes fixed on a doctoral program in physical therapy, Christopher’s ultimate goal is to own and operate his own practice as a physical therapist, personal trainer, and entrepreneur.

Megan Martin

Megan Martin is a Master’s student in English currently engaged in her first semester of study. She graduated Saint Joseph’s College with a B.A. in English, and is certified as an upper-elementary and secondary teacher. Eventually, Megan hopes to become an English professor, and is excited to share her passion for English while working in the Writing Center.

Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller is a first-semester graduate student working towards a Master’s in English as a step down the path to becoming an English professor. Working in the Writing Center allows her to combine her love of reading with her love of helping others.

Gabrielle Muniz

Gabrielle is enrolled in the graduate program in English. She has extensive background in tutoring students and in editing scholarly papers. Gabrielle searches both for opportunities to enhance the capabilities of diverse writers, and to learn as much as she can from these writers.

Shela Raman

Shela, a senior at LIU Post, is majoring in English (concentration in literature) and minoring in Psychology. She hopes to enter a Ph.D. program in fall of 2015, and plans to become an English professor. In addition to working in the Writing Center, she tutors a variety of subjects at Post’s Learning Support Center.

Kristen Roedel

Kristen is a writer, television enthusiast, and M.A. in English student. She earned her B.A. in English at St. Joseph’s College. When she’s not reading, writing, or sleeping, she is busy blogging about Dexter or Orange is the New Black. She hopes to write for television before she dies.

Brian Skulnik

Brian graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Philosophy in 2011. He is currently enrolled in the English M.A. program. He has written several works of fiction, as well as screenplays and comic books. In 2008 he worked as an intern for the editorial department at Marvel Comics, and is currently employed as an editorial assistant at The Permanent Press in Sag Harbor, NY.

Veronica Spettmann

Veronica is a Jill of all trades with an undying love of everything Neil Gaiman- or circus-related. A belly dancer and aerialist in her free time, Veronica loves helping people find the passion in their own daily work and lives. She hopes that her experience pursuing a graduate degree in literature will help her in this quest.

Matt Wunsch

Matt is a writer, poet, and photographer currently enrolled in the M.A. program in English. He earned his B.A. in English from Salve Regina University, in Newport, Rhode Island. When he is not reading, writing, or taking photos, he can be found skating through campus or building stages for such television shows as Orange is the New Black, Law and Order: SVU, and Mysteries of Laura.