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Family Check In

Family Check-In is a 3-step program designed to help families with children ages 2-7 who have concerns and questions about their family’s overall well-being.

Clinicians and family members collaborate to assess how the family is doing, identify family strengths, and generate individualized feedback. The team will then collaborate with the family in developing an action plan to make the changes for their well-being. Clinicians will help connect the family to opportunities and services that fit their family’s needs.

Family Check-In sessions are held in the Psychological Services Center at LIU Post.

Why is Family Check-In Important?
Research has shown that early intervention with parents and children can prevent future emotional and behavioral problems. Family Check-In is a low-cost program that can provide parents with knowledge and skills to build upon their strengths and support changes that will help them reach their goals

Who is Family Check-In For?

Common reasons parents choose to participate in Family Check-In include:

• Child’s misbehavior and/or inattention
• Child’s excessive worry, fear, or sadness
• Child’s difficulty socializing with peers
• Managing parental well-being or stress
• Improving parent-child relationships
• Building on your parenting strategies
• Determining the need for further services

Founding Staff Members:

• Hilary B. Vidair, Ph.D., Family Check-In Director, Co-Director of Clinical Training

Graduate Student Clinicians
• Jacquelyn Blocher, MS
• Kristin Kunkle, MS
• Esther Pearl, MS
• Erika Rooney, MS
• Danielle Sauro, MS
• Laura Scudellari, MA

Program Assistants & Supervisors
• Eva L. Feindler, Ph.D., Doctoral Program Director
• Thomas Demaria, Ph.D., PSC Director
• Josette Banks, Ph.D., Assistant Director
• Cathy Kudlack, PSC Coordinator
• Pamela Gustafson-Pruitt, MA, Academic Program Coordinator