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Student Guide to Obtaining an Advance on Your Financial Aid

Students in the Psy.D. Program may qualify to receive an advance on their financial aid package to pay their immediate living expenses before their full financial aid package has arrived. These funds typically consist of an advance on your student loans plus a voucher to pay for your books. The earliest you can receive an advance on your refund is 10 days before the first day of the semester. You can get a check for 50% of your anticipated refund. If you need more money than that, you can request another advance after you receive your first one. The amount of any second advance will be decided by the C.W. Post Bursar’s Office. You can also receive a book voucher each semester worth $1,000. The amount of the book voucher is deducted from the final refund you receive.

In order to obtain an early refund check you must:

  1. Have a signed and approved promissory note on file with the Financial Assistance Office.
  2. Request the early refund check from the Bursar's Office. Call 516-299-2323 to speak with a representative. Please inform the representative that you are a Psy.D. student. If everything is in order, a refund check will be mailed to your home address.
  3. Sign an agreement with the Bursar’s Office which states that you are responsible for repayment of refund if the loan is not received for any reason.

Tips to facilitate the process

  1. Call the C.W. Post Bursar’s Office as early as possible and request an advance of your financial aid.
  2. Keep all your school receipts, correspondence, and dates of correspondence in case of any errors.
  3. Speak up if you have a problem!

Some people have wondered if graduate students are treated differently than undergraduates in receiving for checks. There is no hierarchy between undergraduates and graduates in receiving refund checks. The only thing that determines when a student receives a refund check is when his or her loans come in. The University must disperse excess Federal funds within 10 days of receipt. If your refund is because you have an assistantship or other University-funded award, you will receive the funds after the 5th week of school. In that case, you are not receiving a refund but an advance.