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Minor in Mathematics

Student Studying MathematicsUndergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply elective courses (21 credits) toward a minor in mathematics.

A minor adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.

Required Courses

MTH 7, 8, 9 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, II & 1II (12)

Three of the following courses:

MTH 20 Introduction to Sets, Logic and Mathematical Structures (3)
MTH 21 Differential Equations (4)
MTH 22 Applied Linear Algebra (3)
MTH 23 Foundations of Statistical Analysis (3)
MTH 31 Advanced Calculus I (3)
MTH 32 Advanced Calculus II (3)
MTH 51 Probability (3)
MTH 61 Discrete Mathematical Structures (3)
MTH 71 Algebraic Structures (3)
MTH 73 Fundamental Concepts of Geometry (3)
MTH 82 Numerical Analysis (3)

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