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Minor in Global Climate Change

Students Studying Earth ScienceUndergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply elective courses (17-18 credits) toward a minor in Global Climate Change. This minor offers students an interdisciplinary framework for assessing global climate change. Students in the global climate change minor will learn how the Earth’s climate system works and its characteristic weather patterns. Students will become familiar with the history of climate and analyze the evidence for that history. Students will learn about the climate of the industrial era, the evidence for perturbations to climate, projections for future climate and other impacts such as changing sea level and modified rainfall patterns. Students will consider the impacts of climate change on societies and ecosystems and learn about possible strategies to limit climate change and/or adapt to it. Students will grapple with the difficult social, economic and political realities that must be overcome to fully address long-term global climate change. Students in any major can benefit from pursuing this minor – not only professionally but in their own personal life by understanding their own carbon footprint. This minor can complement any major, adding value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.


Required courses (credits):

ERS 1 Earth Science I (4)
GGR 29 Human Dimensions of Climate Change (3)
ERS/GLY 29 Global Climate Change (3)

One of the following:
ERS 2 Earth Science II (4)
GLY 1 The Dynamic Earth (4)

One of the following:
ERS/GGR 12 Meteorology (3)
GLY 2 History of the Earth (4)