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Minor in Earth Science

Student Studying Earth ScienceUndergraduate students at LIU Post who are pursuing a major in another subject area can apply elective courses (18-20 credits) toward a minor in Earth Science. This minor is designed for students who have an interest in the physical sciences of the Earth and would like to take courses in climate and weather, conservation, geology, and cartography in addition to their major field of study.

The minor in Earth Science adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market by providing you with additional skills and enhanced knowledge in another field of study.

Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.


Required courses (credits):

GGR 3, 4 Earth Science I & II (8)
GLY 2 History of the Earth (4)

One of the following:
GGR 11 Conservation of Natural Environmental Resources (3)
GGR 12 Meteorology (4)
GGR 16 Cartography, Map Reading and Air-Photo Interpretation (4)

One of the following:
GLY 13 Structural Geology (4)
GLY 14 Geomorphology: The Evolution of Landforms (4)
GLY 15 Ground Water Geology (3)
GLY 21 Mineralogy (4)
GLY 22 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4)
GLY 23 Geochemistry (3)
GLY 41 Paleontology (4)
GLY 42 Stratigraphy (3)

*Not open to students minoring in geology, or to students majoring in geology, geography, environmental science or earth science education.