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Department of Earth and Environmental Science

Student Planting Crops in FieldThe Department of Earth and Environmental Science at LIU Post spans the study of Earth’s makeup and physical processes to human interactions with the environment and the flow of natural resources through our urban and suburban settings and the natural environment. Principal research and teaching interests of our faculty include sustainability, conservation of natural resources, meteorology, global climate change, geographic information systems, plate tectonics, sedimentology and coastal processes. Our students have gone on to work for governmental agencies, environmental consulting firms, and school districts across Long Island, as well as to advanced graduate studies at universities in the U.S. and abroad.

A variety of opportunities are available for students to participate in clubs, special events and field trips, as well as to engage in research projects with faculty members.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Earth and environmental sciences, as well as interdisciplinary degrees with other science departments, and Earth science education degrees in cooperation with the School of Education.

We are a multidisciplinary department with several degree paths ranging from the physical science to the social science perspectives of Earth processes and environmental issues. Our areas of study are:

  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Environmental Science
  • Earth System Science
  • Earth Science Education