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Katherine Hill-Miller, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is LIU Post’s oldest, largest and most diverse academic unit. Through a wide array of programs, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters the expansion of knowledge, the excitement of creative thinking, and the delight of intense intellectual exchange between students and faculty. The College prepares students for success in the world of work and satisfaction in their personal lives.

The College’s chief resource is its full-time faculty. Numbering well over a hundred, they include many highly accomplished scholars, researchers and artists. What most unites these humanists, social scientists, mathematicians and scientists is a dedication to excellence in teaching. Our Liberal Arts students rarely attend large classroom lectures and regularly receive a great deal of personal attention.

There is, of course, a practical side to liberal learning at LIU Post. Sometimes this is straightforward – for example, a degree in chemistry usually leads to a first job closely linked to that major. But LIU Post students are also encouraged to experiment and to explore multiple avenues of interest. For example, a dual major in biology and English might open the door to a career in scientific writing. Or a dual major in economics and history – with a minor in Spanish – might be the ideal preparation for a career in government or international banking.

The emphasis at the College is on cultivating the skills and habits of mind that are essential for shaping a career. Most employers favor broadly educated individuals who can write well, think clearly and keep learning while on the job. Typically, the Arts and Sciences student is the one who will figure out a way to change a task, or transform a job that needs to be reinvented.

The material on our Web site encapsulates the charter and commitment of our College. It will help to guide you through the individual undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations offered at our campus. As you begin to examine specific areas of interest, I’d encourage you to visit us to speak with faculty members and academic counselors who can give you more information about programs best suited to your objectives and vision.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


Katherine Hill-Miller, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences