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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Palmer School

Welcome to the Palmer School! We are excited that you have joined us to explore the world of information by working on a master's degree in library and information science or a Ph.D. in Information Studies.

The ability to analyze and evaluate information and to access knowledge gives students, teachers, and communities opportunities to thrive.  In the Palmer School, we catalyze connections among education, information, and technologies to transform the ways we think about and approach knowledge within and across disciplines.  We redesign the nature, qualities, application, and management of information.  We reconsider how education and information interact in today’s realities.  We create possibilities.

The focus of the Palmer School programs is information, whether it is helping others find, evaluate, and synthesize information or creating new knowledge through the research process. You may want to focus on a career in a traditional library setting working in a public school or academic library. Or you may choose to enter the digital world learning how to manage, preserve, and archive artifacts and other information sources. The choices are limitless. Our goal here at the Palmer School is to prepare you to become an educated leader in the information world.

Hang on—the ride is exciting, stimulating, and challenging. We are excited about helping you travel down the path you have chosen.


Barbara Garii
Dean of the College of Education Information and Technology