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Research and Scholarship

Faculty Research

Faculty involved in the Palmer School’s Ph.D. in Information Studies program are engaged in a wide range of research areas, including:

  • Digital Libraries and Archives
  • Scholarly Communication and Publishing
  • Information Representation for Access
  • Knowledge Organization
  • Database Design
  • Information Retrieval Systems
  • Information Architecture
  • Knowledge Management
  • Multimedia Information Processing
  • Visual Literacy
  • Systems Theory
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • User Interface Design and Evaluation
  • Information-Seeking Behavior
  • Information Policy
  • Information Ethics
  • Information Cultures
  • Medical and Health Informatics
  • Organizational Information Management
  • Digital Information Preservation
  • Library Administration
  • Bibliographic/Bibliometric Theory and Analysis

Student Research and Scholarship

2009 Research Paper Competition Winner:

The Doctoral Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the 2009 Ph.D. Student Research Paper Competition. Linda Burkhardt, "An Epistemological Analysis of Holocaust Transcripts"

2008 Research Paper Competition Winner:

The Doctoral Committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2008 Ph.D. Student Research Paper Competition is David S. Byrne for his paper, "The RX for Information Overload in the Legal & Medical Professions."

This paper was presented at the May 1, 2008 Doctoral Colloquium.

Recent Student Publications include:

Dent Goodman, Valeda. “Keeping the User in Mind: Instructional Design and the Modern Library.” Oxford, U.K.: Chandos (Oxford) Publishing. May 2009.

Dent Goodman, V. "Historical Development of the Rural African Village Library in Context: Snapshots from Burkina Faso and Ghana." New Library World, Vol. 109 (11/12): 512-532. (2008).

Larkin, Catherine,” A Reappraisal of the William Randolph Hearst Archive at Long Island University: Information, Preservation and Access. Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation, 25:3, 239-257, September 2009.

Alexiev, B. and Marksbury, N. 2010. “Technology as organized knowledge, in Proceedings of the 2010 International Society for Knowledge Organization.

Leatrice Ferraioli: “An Exploratory Study of Metadata Creation in a Health Care Agency.” Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, V40, No. ¾ (October 2005), 75-102.”

Selenay Aytac: “Multilingual Information Retrieval on the Internet: A Case Study of Turkish Users.” The International Information & Library Review, 37 (2005), 275-284.”

John DiMarco: “Web Portfolio Design and Applications.” Idea Group Publishing, Inc. December 2005.

Previous Student Conference Presentations

Zhang, Q., Marksbury, N. and Heim, S. “A Case Study of Communication and Social Interactions in Learning in Second Life,” in Proceedings Hawaii International Conference for Systems Sciences. 2010

ACRL 14th National Conference; Seattle, Washington, March 12-15, 2009. Valeda Dent Goodman, Panel presenter: “If Fish Markets Can Do It So Can We: Designing Memorable Library Experiences for Students and Faculty.”

Annual Meeting of the Association of Library and Information Science Educators (ALISE), January 16-19, 2006, San Antonio:

Paula Maurino: “A Discussion of Student-to-Student Interaction Focuses on Student Satisfaction with Online Classroom Discussions and the Environment’s Effectiveness in Promoting the Social/Cultural Learning Emphasized in Activity Theory and the Social Computing Paradigm”

John Sullivan: “Designing a Major Municipal Police Department’s Command and Control Structure: How Distributed Cognition Can Enhance Interagency Coordination in Crises Management”

Dissertation Titles of Recent Ph.D. Graduates

John DiMarco (Ph.D. awarded May 2009) “Genre and Program Examination of Instructional Shows on Network, Cable and Public Television”.

Michiko Tanaka, (Ph.D. awarded May 2009) “Toward an Understanding of Scholarly Communications: Scientific Computing Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory”.

Thomas Virgona (Ph.D. awarded May 2008) “September 11, 2001: A Study of the Human Aspects of Disaster Recovery Efforts for Wall Street Financial Service Firms.”

Sheryl Schoenacher (Ph.D. awarded May 2008) “The Information Gathering Behavior of Min Street Merchants and the Effect of Social Capital on Information Access.”

Alon Friedman (Ph.D. awarded May 2008) “Concept Map as “Sign”: The Influence of Pierce and Saussure on Concept Mapping in Knowledge Organization.”

Rose Ann Ferrick (Ph.D. awarded May 2008) “Factors Affecting Technology Adoption in the Editorial Process of Adult Trade Book Publishing”

James P. Smith (Ph.D. awarded May 2007) “Academic Library Web Portals: Does the Use of Images Influence Users’ Perception of the Use Experience?”

Paula Maurino (Ph.D. awarded May 2007) “Online Threaded Discussions: Purposes, Goals and Objectives”

Joni Lelchuk (Ph.D. awarded May 2007) “An Investigation into the Auditory Enhancement of Text on a Cancer Health Website - The Impact on the User's Comprehension, Recall and Retention of Information, and the Believability of the Information.”

Angela Heath (Ph.D. awarded May 2007) “An Exploration of the Motivations, Behaviors and Effects of Frequent Contributors in Online Communities of Interest”

Joseph Kasten (Ph.D. awarded December 2006) “Knowledge Strategy Drivers: An Exploratory Study”

James Stenerson (Ph.D. awarded May 2006) “The Heuristic Value of Lewis Mumford's Metaphor "Megamachine" in a Digital-Network Society”

Jacqueline L. Ram (Ph.D. awarded May 2006) “Human Factors and Ergonomics: Analyzing Synergy”

Donna M. D'Ambrosio (Ph.D. awarded May 2006) “Development of an Expansible Taxonomy of Software Requirements Nomenclature: Viewing the Elicitation Process as Communicative Discourse”

Edmund J.Y. Pajarillo (Ph.D. awarded May 2005) “Contextual Perspectives of Information for Home Care Nurses: Towards a Framework of Nursing Information Behavior”

Alexie Oulanov (Ph.D. awarded May 2005) “User Perception of the Usability and Performance of Translingual Features of a Russian Financial Web Site”

Leonard J. Ponzi (Ph.D. awarded May 2003) “Knowledge Management: A Bibliometric Analysis”

Maureen Mackenzie (Ph.D. awarded May 2003) “The Accumulation of Information by Line Managers within a Business Environment and the Resulting Cognitive Savings Account”

Mikel Breitenstein (Ph.D. awarded May 2003) “Toward an Understanding of Visual Literacy: Examination of Conference Papers of the International Visual Literacy”

Joette Stefl Mabry (Ph.D. awarded May 2001) “A Social Judgment Analysis of Information Satisfaction and Information Source Preferences Among Professionals: A Hypothesis-Generating Exploratory Study”

Dissertations in Progress

Selenay Aytac: An Examination of International Scientific Collaboration in a Developing Country (Turkey) in the Post Internet Era.

Galia Halevi: The Hermeneutical Psychosynthesis approach to Information Repreentation (HPAIR).

Julie B. Kessler: “Health Information Management and Medical Informatics, Separate or Overlapping? A Bibliometric Analysis of Recent Trends in the Development of Electronic Medical Records”

Christine Marchese: “Impact of Organizational Environment on Knowledge Representation and Use”

Doctoral Students' Annual Research Competition

2008 WINNER:

David S. Byrne, “The Rx for Information Overload in the Legal & Medical Professions.”

2007 WINNER:

Gali Yemini-Halevi, “Towards a Psychosynthesis Approach to Information Visualization: Using Mandela Symbolism for a User-Centered Design”


Gali Y. Halevi, “Blogs as an Academic Communication Tool”, and Ellen Tufano, “Models for Instructional System Design and Their Application to University Faculty Development Programs”

2006 WINNER:

David Jank, “An 18th Century Internet: Knowledge Organization and Information Representation in the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Restoration”


Wendy Ford, “Case Study Analysis of Discourse Structure in Open-Ended Interviews: Ex-Slave Narratives from the Library of Congress” Joe Kasten, “Decision-making in Logistics: An Ontology of Required Knowledge”

2005 WINNER:

David Jank, “Toward a Bibliographic Examination of the Published Literature in Systems Analysis and Design: A Descriptive Analysis and Conceptual Taxonomy”


Paula Maurino, “The Context of Student/Teacher Interaction in Distance Learning”

2004 WINNER:

Sheryl Schoenacher, “Orality and Literacy in a Suburban Town Community: An Ethnographic Study of the Incorporated Village of Farmingdale”


Angela Heath, “Tracking the Progress of Research on Electronic Collaboration in Two Related Discourse Communities”

2003 WINNER:

Leatrice Ferraioli, “An Exploratory Study of Metadata Creation in a Health Agency”


Leatrice Ferraioli, “Genres, Personal Metadata and Private Knowledge”

2002 WINNER:

Joni Lelchuk, “Taxonomy of Visual Humor”

2001 WINNER:

Donna M. D'Ambrosio, “Toward an Ontology for Information Systems Requirements in Systems Analysis”