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Mentorship/Internship Program

Students enrolled in the Dual Degree program participate in a unique mentorship program with NYU Libraries’ subject specialists. The focus for these mentors is the training of future librarians/subject specialists in academic and cultural institutions. Dual degree students are assigned an NYU librarian mentor at the start of their program based upon their interests and their NYU master’s degree curriculum. Mentors work with the student from the beginning until the end of the degree. Students enroll through Palmer in their first semester in LIS 785, 4 cr., the mentorship. Mentors and their assigned students develop an initial Learning Contract which is reviewed each semester.

The mentorship of 160 hours introduces dual degree students to the requirements of the field, offering the opportunity for hands-on experience within a theoretical framework. If the mentor and student feel it is appropriate, in addition to the time spent in the mentorship, dual degree students may participate in internships in many of the cultural and research organizations in the New York Metropolitan area. The center of this program is a series of required modules, which include Reference/Instruction, Collection Development, Digital Scholarship and Professional Development. The program provides the flexibility to customize the mentoring experience to the needs of the individual student. Past students have interned at the New York Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art, the Morgan Library, the New York Historical Society, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and IBM among many other organizations.

For students who aspire to work as an information officer or librarian in a specialized library or archive, in faculty research support, or as a library generalist, the dual degree internship track may be more appropriate than the standard mentorship.  

The Internship Track offers a series of internships totaling 160 hours over a period of two years. Students work with trained library professionals whose expertise reflect the students’ future career goals. These internships take place in specialized libraries or institutions in the New York Metropolitan area. Students meet periodically, as a group and individually, with the Dual Degree Program administrator and complete a Professional Development module.