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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition for the dual-degree program?

There is no extra tuition for the program. New York University will charge tuition for their courses. Long Island University will charge tuition for all courses taken in the Palmer School.

Do I have to be a full time student?

No. You must meet all course requirements for the New York University Master’s program. Long Island University holds two summer sessions, a special winter session and a selection of short-term institutes or workshops that may be taken for credit.

Will I have an increased salary with two M.A. degrees?

Although no one can assure you of your first salary, in general, academic librarians with two Master’s degrees have more opportunities at higher salaries than M.S.L.I.S. students without subject expertise. In specific sectors of the information industry, a subject M.A. will offer a competitive edge to job seekers.

Location. Where can I work? When can I work?

Anywhere. Anytime. Libraries, research institutions and corporations are located all over the world. 24/7 hours exist in many organizations. Opportunities for foreign travel and job exchanges are possible.

How much time will I spend as a subject specialist? How much time as a librarian or information professional?

This depends on your interests and your job. You can choose a job where you will plan exhibits, create digital resources, instruct users, develop or market information products, select and organize research materials or manage information, all in your subject area.

Will the dual-degree program be worthwhile for jobs in other professions?

Yes. The skills from both Master’s degrees can be assets for jobs in publishing, research, sales, nonprofits and corporations. The increased digitization of information has created jobs at all levels. Both management and technical positions require information skills. Examples of some job titles are business analyst, online publishing executive, subject editor, association director, and communications coordinator.

Will I have access to Palmer School advice at New York University Washington Square?

Yes. Long Island University’s Palmer School in Manhattan is located on the 7th floor of New York University’s Bobst Library (Room 707). Our Dual Degree Program Administrator, Dr. Pauline Rothstein, is available for questions and advisement at 212-998-2516 or at