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Sports Management

The Sports Management Minor provides the department's students, and those throughout the University, with coursework geared to learning about the fast growing field of Sports Management. The emphasis in Sports Management is to provide the skills needed to organize, administer and facilitate sports programs in public, private, community, education and commercial venues.

The minor consists of the following eighteen credits:

PE 140 Introduction to Sports Management (3 credits)
PE 141 Facility Management (3 credits)
PE 142 Sports Marketing (3 credits)
PE 143 (or ECO 38) Economics of Sports (3 credits)
PE 144 Sports Law (3 credits)
PE 145 Sports Management Internship (3 credits) 

Students from any major are welcome to enroll. This minor has been approved for selection by Health Sciences majors.

Course Descriptions

PE 140 Introduction to Sports Management
This course focuses on the basic philosophy, function, and principles of sports at all levels. Students will be exposed to the various career options plus their attendant roles and responsibilities.
3 credits

PE 141 Facility Management
This course will focus on the planning, designing and financing of athletic facilities.
In addition attention is accorded to the primary goals and objectives of facility managers.
Prerequisite PE 140 or instructor’s permission
3 credits

PE 142 Sports Marketing
This course focuses on the process of designing and implementing activities for the promotion and distribution of a sport product to the consumer. The principal steps in developing a marketing plan are outlined.
Prerequisite PE 140 or instructor’s permission
3 credits

PE 143 Economics of Sports
This course will analyze contemporary sports using an economic approach. Issues such as the remuneration of professional athletes, the impact of competitive balance on team profits, the dichotomy and possible exploitation of student-athletes, and the pricing of television rights are subjected to economic analysis. Anti-trust legislation and public financing of facilities are also critically examined.
Prerequisite PE 140 or instructor’s permission
3 credits

PE 144 Sports Law
This course will provide the student with a concentrated foundation for understanding the law and its relationship to organized athletics and sports management. Specific topics that will be highlighted include the impact of anti-trust laws, personal service contracts, labor law, injury and liability, gender equity and sexual harassment. An examination of the role of legal services within the realm of sports organizations will be covered.
Prerequisite PE 140 or instructor’s permission
3 credits

PE 145 Sports Management Internship
Students will have an experience in the area of sports management at the college professional level or in the recreation advertising, marketing or facilities under the supervision of the program director.
Must have successfully completed 12 credits in the minor
3 credits

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