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Equine Studies

LIU Post Equine StudiesThis new 18-credit minor will take full advantage of the North Shore Equestrian Center (NSEC) located on the LIU Post campus.

The minor has four fundamental required courses (for six total credits) and four tracks.
For more information about the courses offered within each track, please follow the links below:

Equine Management
Equine Education
Equine Health

• Self-Directed Generic Track: To comprise the required credits in this track, students may choose 12 credits/four courses from any of the 12 courses offered in the other three tracks.

The minor caters to students with a variety of interests as well as preparing them to enter the equine industry in stable or racetrack manager, as riding (including therapeutic riding) instructors or horse health care professionals, including veterinarians. The course of study will also appeal to horse riders and owners who wish to expand their equestrian avocation.


Courses comprising the required six credits:

PE 116 – Beginning Horseback Riding (1 credit)
Students will learn the basic skills of horsemanship, including horse handling, mounting, and riding. Riders at all levels are welcome. 

PE 117 – Intermediate Horseback Riding (1 credit)
Students will have an opportunity to learn the intermediate skills of horsemanship. 

PE 160  Practical Horse Management (3 credits) (NEW)
Students will learn the basics for all Equine Studies. In order to work effectively with horses from any perspective, students need to be well trained in the proper care and feeding of horses as well as the equipment used with them as riders.

PE 173 Equine Studies Minor Internship (1 credit) (NEW)
The student will gain 15 hours of experience in the area of his or her chosen track: Equine Business, Equine Education, and Equine Health or the self-designed generic track. Options will include working in an equine facility, at equine sporting events, with a riding instructor, or veterinarian under appropriate supervision.