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Program Goals

The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages degree program:

  1. Trains English as a Second Language to teachers who demonstrate competence as teachers of linguistically and culturally different children.
  2. Provides a TESOL specialization program which takes into consideration the special needs of a multilingual/multicultural suburban school district.
  3. Provides courses required for New York State Certification.
  4. Provides advanced training for experienced TESOL teachers and for supervisors and administrators who want to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the programs that they supervise.
  5. Provides students with fundamental TESOL skills especially those who have not had practical teaching experience.
  6. Provides professional enrichment opportunities for field-experienced TESOL teachers.

The program is accredited by TEAC, the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, signifying that the course of study is exemplary in preparing competent, caring and qualified professional educators who will teach and lead in Kindergarten through grade 12 schools.

TEAC, founded in 1997, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving academic degree programs for professional educators of pre-K through grade 12.