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Programs of Study

Applicants for the M.S. in Art Education must complete, with an average of B or better, an approved program of 36 or 45 credit hours (see Programs of Study below) including at least 18 hours in courses at the 600 and 700 level.

Course Credits
ART 517 Graduate Design (Spring) 3
ART 611 Graduate Drawing
ART 660 Philosophy of Art Education (Fall) 3
ART 661 Art Education Studio Workshop (Spring) 3
ART 664 Literacy & Learning (Fall) 3
ARTH 609 Special Populations in Child/Adolescent Art Therapy and Art Education (Spring) 3
One Directed Studio Electives 3
One Art History Elective 3
EDI 600 Psychological and Developmental Foundations of Education 3
EDI 601 Social Foundations of Education 3
EDI 610 General Methods of Teaching 3
EDI 643 Education for Cultural Diversity 3
EDI 651 Methods and Materials: Teaching Art-Secondary 3
EDI 700 Educational Research 3
EDI 712 Student Teaching of Art K-12 6
HE 205A Adolescent Health-Risk Behavior Seminar 0
Total Credits 45

All courses must be registered and approved by the graduate advisors. Students whose graduate work shows some weakness or deficiency will be directed to strengthen their program in these areas through their electives.

Additional Certification Requirements: Fingerprinting Investigation, Child Abuse Identification Seminar, Violence Prevention Seminar (Project S.A.V.E.), NYSTCE (New York State Teaching Certification Exams) LAST, ATS-W, CST.