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Program Requirements

CSC 101    Invitation to Computer Science
CSC 106    Graphical User Interface Programming
CSC 111    Computer Program Development I
CSC 116    Computer Program Development II
CSC 127    Introduction to Game Design
CSC 133    Analysis and Logical Design
CSC 136    Data Communications and Computer Networks
CSC 231    Database Fundamentals
CSC 241    Software Systems Engineering
CSC 248    Web Development
CSC 251    Programming Languages
CSC 261    Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
CSC 263    Advanced Data Structures For Game Based Applications
CSC 267    Scientific Foundations for Games
CSC 271    Advanced Game Programming

MTH 7, 8, 22 plus 3 credits of mathematics electives approved by the Computer Science Department.
PHY 3, 4 or other science sequence approved by the Computer Science Department.

Total Degree Program Credits: 129