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Program Requirements

Students intending to enroll in an accelerated program must do so by the spring semester of their junior year. The entrance requirements for these programs are:

  • Overall G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Major G.P.A. of 3.25

Students are reviewed periodically by the Department of Computer Science and Management Engineering. Should they meet entrance requirements, they will begin taking graduate courses in their senior year and complete the graduate requirements in the fifth year. The typical course of action would be:

  • Upon completion of the sophomore year, students electing to be considered for the accelerated program will have their grades reviewed by the department faculty.
  • In the spring semester of the junior year admitted students will be evaluated by the department faculty for permission to register for graduate major courses in their senior year.
  • Students must achieve a grade of B or better in each graduate course taken in senior year in order to continue in the program.

This will be monitored at the conclusion of each semester. Upon completion of all requirements, students will be awarded both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Undergraduate Requirements

CS 101 Introduction to Computers and Programming
CS 106 Graphical User Interface Programming
CS 111 Computer Program Development I
CS 125 Systems and Environments
CS 133 Analysis and Logical Design
CS 136 Data Communications and Computer Networks
CS 151 Enterprise COBOL
CS 229 Foundations of Information Systems
CS 231 Database Fundamentals
CS 237 Human-Computer Interaction
CS 245 Working in the Team Environment
CS 248 Web Development I
CS 266 Web Development II
(39 credits)

Two approved CS courses (6 credits)

MTH 5, 6 (6 credits)

Upper Division Plan of Study

Senior Year

CS 245 Working in the Team Environment
CS 266 Web Development II
CS 600 Database Design CS 602 Database Implementation and Administration
CS 624 Communicating and Documenting Information Systems

Fifth Year

CS 614 Information Systems Analysis
CS 616 Information Systems Design and Implementation
CS 634 Computer Networks and Information Systems
CS 706, 708 Thesis
CS 636 Enterprise Networks
CS 650 Human-Computer Interaction
CS 710 Information Systems Project Management