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Program Requirements

A candidate for the degree of Master of Science in Information Systems must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of credit in courses approved by the graduate director and must attain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. At least 30 semester hours of graduate credit must be earned in department courses (i.e., prefixed by CS, MGE or TEL).

Required Courses (36 credits)

CS 600 Database Design
CS 602 Database Implementation
CS 614 Information Systems Analysis
CS 616 Information Systems Design and Implementation
CS 620 Administration of Information Systems Personnel
CS 622 Management and Economics of Information Systems
CS 624 Communicating and Documenting Information Systems
CS 634 Computer Networks and Information Systems
CS 636 Enterprise Networks
CS 710 Information Systems Project Management
CS 706, 708 Thesis

A student who enters the program having previously completed any of the above required coursework may be able to substitute approved electives.

Electives (6 credits)

In the event that a comprehensive examination option is offered in lieu of the Thesis option, each degree candidate will select electives from courses offered by the Department of Computer Science and Management Engineering. Elective courses must be approved by the graduate director.

Comprehensive Examination

While currently all candidates are required to take the Thesis option, a student may appeal for a comprehensive examination option in lieu of the Thesis option. This is granted at the discretion of the chair of the Department of Computer Science and Management Engineering and Graduate Advisor, and the candidate must apply upon entry into the program. Upon completion of required courses and before graduation from the program, each candidate must pass a comprehensive examination. The examination consists of a written section that integrates material from the required courses and a lecture pertaining to a technical topic to be presented before a faculty committee.

Pre-Core Courses

(Required for individuals who have insufficient academic background to begin the master’s program.)

The pre-core courses can be completed in one year or less and they prepare a student to take the courses required for the graduate information systems program.

Course (18 credits)

CS 502 Computers and Programming (3)
CS 504 Intermediate Programming (3)
CS 506 Networking Systems Fundamentals (3)
CS 508 Computer Systems and Architecture (3)
CS 540 Database Fundamentals (3)
CS 554 Information Systems Development (3)

Information Systems Award

The John T. Keane III Memorial Award, established in 2002, honors the graduate director who was integrally responsible for the creation and success of the graduate Information Systems Program. It is awarded annually to the Information Systems degree recipient who attains the highest overall cumulative grade point average.