Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The College of Education, Information and Technology offers one of the broadest arrays of teacher education, counseling, administration, technology and library science programs in New York state and provides a supportive and enriching learning environment. Students can choose from bachelor’s, master’s and certificate programs offered by seven distinguished departments: Counseling and Development; Curriculum and Instruction; Computer Science and Management Engineering; Educational Leadership and Administration; Health, Physical Education and Movement Science; Special Education and Literacy; and Communication Sciences and Disorders. With an emphasis placed on student-centered education, our programs focus on various stages of a child's development, including infancy, pre-school, elementary school, middle school and high school. The College is also home to the ALA-accredited Palmer School of Library and Information Sciences.

Our specialized TEAC-accredited education courses are taught by seasoned faculty who work closely with district administrators and teachers to facilitate the placement of our students. Field-based experiences complement traditional in-class learning and provide our students with a practical knowledge of the realities of the classroom. As an established leader of contemporary educational initiatives and trends, the College continually integrates cutting-edge instructional techniques into its curricula to reflect the ever-evolving nature of academics. The College has formed numerous partnerships with local schools, clinics and rehabilitation centers.

Program Degree Majors
Undergraduate Graduate
 Curriculum & Instruction    
 Clinical Mental Health Counseling    M.S., AC
 Doctor of Education    Ed.D
 Educational Leadership    M.S. Ed., AC
 Literacy (Birth to Grade 6)    M.S.
 Health Education  B.S.  
 Health Education & Physical Education  B.S.
 School Counselor    M.S.
 School District Business Leader    M.S. Ed., AC
 Special Education    M.S., M.S. (Autism)
 Speech-Language Pathology  B.S.  M.A.
 Palmer School of Library and Information Science    M.S., Ph.D
 Physical Education  B.S.


College of Education, Information, and Technology
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean