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Dean's Message

Robert HannafinThe College of Education, Information and Technology is engaged in an innovative strategic initiative and reorganization, and it is my great pleasure to invite you to join us. We welcome you to celebrate this exciting endeavor with us and to help us realize its full potential as we re-envision the integral nature of education and information.

Building upon the rich history and traditions of the former LIU Post School of Education, Palmer School of Library and Information Science, and the Department of Computer Science and Management Engineering, this past September, we inaugurated a newly formed College of Education, Information and Technology. The new College presents an exciting opportunity for our distinguished faculty, staff, students, graduates and friends in the community to explore − in the classroom, in research and scholarship, and in practice − the synergistic relationships that exist between education and information and the computing technologies and systems that are so vital to them.

There are inseparable roles that information and education play in the life and culture of the 21st century. In that regard, the new College symbolizes a critical transformation in the way we think about and approach the teaching of children and adults; the nature, application, management, storage and retrieval of information; and the design and application of computing systems and related technologies upon which information and education depend today.

Our College can and will produce many new, exciting, emergent opportunities that we have yet to discover or even imagine. So, please roll up your sleeves, pull your chair up to a computer, and join me and my colleagues in the new College of Education, Information and Technology!

Robert Hannafin, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education, Information and Technology