What is a Paralegal?


Paralegals participate in the delivery of legal services by assisting clients and supporting attorneys in numerous ways. Our graduates are capable of conducting legal research, client and witness interviewing, analyzing legal documents, drafting pleadings and assisting with trial preparation. This work involves discretion, independent judgment, strong writing ability and an analytic approach to organizing and reviewing material.

An ABA-approved certificate in Paralegal Studies can also be a stand out addition to a professional’s portfolio. Professionals who work in fields that coexist with law, such as real estate and banking, or in fields that demand an understanding of law, such as human resources, can benefit from this course of study.

For those who contemplate law school, completing this ABA -approved certificate in Paralegal Studies can be a way to experience the study of law without the time and financial commitments.

For information please contact Mr. Chris Wool at 516-299-3375 or email Chris.Wool@liu.edu.

From the American Bar Association:

“The principle objective of the American Bar Association program of approving paralegal education programs that meet ABA Guidelines is to foster high quality paralegal education and training and the development of educational standards.

The Standing Committee on Paralegals and Approval Commission carry out this objective through an intensive review and on-site evaluation of such programs. The guidance and direction of the ABA through the Standing Committee and its Approval Commission has led to the development of superior paralegal education programs designed to raise the competence of those individuals who assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services.”