Additional Certificates

In addition to the Certificate in Paralegal Studies, the Legal Studies Institute at LIU Post will be adding new certificates in 2015 designed for professional growth. Students can update their knowledge and acquire new skills linked with law, such as mediation, entrepreneurship, e-discovery and legal document management.

E-Discovery Skills Specialist
Designed to respond to the growing industry need for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge across the e-discovery spectrum, a certificate in E-Discovery skills, will teach you how the litigation cycle is tracked through the EDRM, help you understand frameworks of interlinked concepts intended to help guide the e-discovery process; and otherwise highlight your e-discovery expertise and distinguish you from the rest of the industry.

Mediation Skills Specialist
Mediation is the use of problem-solving techniques to facilitate a resolution among disputing parties.  This certificate is designed to introduce a suite of skills that can be used independently to successfully mediate or used to complement the needs a career already in place.  Become part of the solution as you learn about conflict analysis techniques and the basic skills of this collaborative process.

Legal Document Management Specialist
Designed to respond to the growing industry need for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge across the document management spectrum, a certificate in legal document management, will teach you how to identify and manage electronically stored information (esi), understand forms of esi; understand the business and legal benefits of establishing a records retention policy and otherwise distinguish you from the rest of the paralegal industry.

Entrepreneurship Skills Specialist
Participants learn about the fundamental skills essential for setting innovation in motion and the effective techniques   for working in, managing or launching a new and innovative venture.  This certificate is designed for those who want to learn the skills needed to begin that entrepreneurial adventure or just to learn about entrepreneurship because of its growing importance in the global community.

Legal Business Specialist
Ideal for returning workers or career changers, this certificate is designed to prepare participants for employment in a variety of 21st century legal business environments.  Learn about changes in proficiencies required to work in the legal field and develop a basic understanding of updates to a field of law. Become a productive professional, comfortable in the modern law office, company or corporation.

For more information, please e-mail and include your area of interest in the subject line.