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IMAX Movie

Dr. Bob Brier is featured in the new IMAX movie “Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs,” which opened March 16, 2007 at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The documentary premiered world-wide in IMAX theaters in April 2007. The film is based on his 1994 ground-breaking mummification of a human cadaver using precise ancient Egyptian techniques, and the research he has since performed on this subject to present day.

The movie has been received very well critically and commercially and was nominated for three distinguished awards – Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Film for Lifelong Learning -- by the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA). Member theaters nominate films in early spring.

About the Movie:

“Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs” follows researchers and explorers as they piece together the archeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies. These relics of the past create a window into the fascinating and mysterious world of the pharaohs. In addition to increasing our understanding of the culture, religion, medicine, and daily life thousands of years ago, scientists today are reconstructing mummy DNA and deciphering ancient texts to gain insight into modern human genetics and advance medical treatments. To unwrap the secrets of the pharaohs is to perhaps glimpse the future of our own civilization.