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Distinguished professors from LIU Post actively conduct defining research in a wide range of disciplines, including environmental studies, kidney disease, energy management, aging, cancer and pain management, international business practices, film documentaries and arts management.

The University supports scholarly research by providing professors with sabbaticals and grants to encourage ongoing research, book authoring, the creation of exhibitions, and other important project development.

Below are examples of research our faculty have recently conducted:


College of Management

Dr. Baichun Xiao
Maura Belliveau

School of Health Professions & Nursing

Daniel Ginsburg
Dr. Luis Martinez
Kathy Isoldi
Dr. Luis Martinez

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Jean Carlomusto

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


College of Education, Information and Technology

Nassima Abdelli-Beruh
Dianne Slavin
Lesley Wolk