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Research & Discovery

Research & DiscoveryAs a center for academic excellence, LIU Post plays an important role in strengthening society by contributing to developments in a wide range of disciplines, including art, culture, business, health care, technology, science, education, the humanities and public service. Every day, our faculty, students, senior research fellows and scholars are exploring the frontiers of new knowledge through research activities both on Campus and in the field.

The University supports scholarly research by providing distinguished professors with sabbaticals and grants to author books and conduct defining research. Our students partner with faculty and senior researchers on a wide range of projects including environmental threats to Long Island’s natural woodlands; quality of life studies in foreign countries; the effects of nutrition on kidney disease; migration habits of the Terrapin turtle; and cyber-bully prevention techniques. Through the skills they master in hands-on research, our students learn not only how the world works but also how to change it.

Faculty Projects

Academic ResearchThe faculty at LIU Post is comprised of some finest thinkers and researchers. LIU Post professors have conducted award-winning and widely-recognized research in their respective fields. Find out more.

Summer Research Internships with Leading Scientists

Academic ResearchLIU Post to Offer Paid Research Internships with Leading Scientists This Summer. Find out more.

Call for Proposals

The Post and Beyond program offers an opportunity to showcase the various research efforts of undergraduate and graduate students at LIU Post. Find out more.

Student Projects

Academic ResearchStudents are able to work hands-on in the field and the laboratory with professors conducting cutting-edge research. Find out more.

Senior Research Fellows & Scholars

Academic ResearchLIU Post is home to wide range of distinguished scholars who embody the University’s commitment to academic excellence. Find out more.