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Questions About Grades

What grades do I need to stay in the Honors Program?

Freshmen need a 3.2 GPA and all other students need a 3.4 GPA to stay in the Honors Program. This is reviewed on a semester by semester basis by the director. A student who drops below this average must come in to see the director and may be placed on probation in the program. A student on probation must achieve the required GPA for the next semester’s work in order to stay in Honors. Although a student needs a 3.2 freshman year and a 3.4 thereafter, the requirement may be higher to maintain your awards. Please see the next question.

What grades do I need to keep my scholarship?

Every scholarship has a different requirement. Most comply with Honors GPA requirements listed above, but the University Scholar’s Award and the Transfer Excellence Award require a 3.5 GPA.

Can I withdraw from an Honors class?

Yes, if you do it within the specified calendar date (add/drop period) and have enough credits to remain full time. After the specified calendar date, which is usually a week past the start of the semester, students are not permitted to drop a course, honors or otherwise. If dropping a course is absolutely necessary, speak to Dr. Digby and obtain her signature on the drop card. Academic Counseling and the Records Department have been instructed to not process any cards for honors students that do not have Dr. Digby’s signature.

Can I take an Incomplete in a course and stay in Honors?

Students in the Honors Program are not permitted to take INC grades, except for the Tutorial or Thesis, where additional research time may be necessary.

Can I take a class Pass/Fail?


What grades do I need to get in my Tutorial and Thesis for them to be accepted as Honors work?

B, B+, or A. Nothing lower is accepted.

Who determines the grade of my thesis?

Your advisor in consultation with your reader.

Who has the final say about grades?

The faculty member teaching the course.