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About the Honors Program

Honors Program StudentThe LIU Post Honors Program is open to students of all majors. It provides academically gifted students with a course of study designed to help them realize their potential and graduate with the finest possible credentials. The objective of the program is enrichment and critical thinking, not acceleration. Its focus is on an individual. Most Honors Program students gain excellent jobs, go on to graduate school or take advanced professional degrees.

The Honors Program curriculum emphasizes a liberal balance between traditional and innovative studies. Honors classes are limited to 20 students and run as discussion-style seminars. They encourage writing and oral presentations. Many satisfy writing across the curriculum requirements. At the most advanced level, students work privately with professors in their major on tutorial and thesis projects of their own creation.

Participation in the Honors Program means membership in a unique decision-making community that is both academic and social. A diverse group of students, from all disciplines and many countries, join with faculty to choose Honors Program curricula, course instructors and extracurricular activities.

Honors Program courses are divided into those that fulfill core requirements; advanced electives; and an individually researched Tutorial and Thesis. All honors courses are designated by a 300 number code and are listed on the first page of the class schedule each semester. Students in Honors also have the advantage of enriched advisement. In addition to special orientation sections of College 101, the Honors Program Director serves as a general mentor to students in the program.

Honors Program students who wish to earn Honors elective credit for participation in Global College or other study abroad programs must clear their specific request(s) with the Honors Director before going abroad and, on their return, submit the work for designated courses. Students who successfully complete the courses will earn the equivalent of three honors advanced elective credits. A maximum of six honors elective credits may be taken in this manner.