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Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program

StudentThe Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) office coordinates three programs for LIU Post undergraduates. The Higher Education Opportunity Program is specially designed for New York State residents who are economically disadvantaged and educationally underprepared. Co-sponsored by the New York State Education Department and LIU Post, the program offers a wide range of support services including tutoring, academic advisement, financial aid, and career and personal counseling.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Program (MLK) is designed for students of color who excel academically. Students who qualify must maintain a cumulative average of 3.4 or better. The Educational Achievement Program (EAP) serves those eligible students who do not meet the criteria for either HEOP or the MLK scholarship. Students must maintain a cumulative average of 2.5. Both awards are need based and determined by review of application.


Jose ArriazaGraduate Reflects on Past to Guide the Future


“HEOP is the greatest program for young adults trying to better themselves. With the help and opportunity given by the HEOP program I was able to transform into a positive, determined and ambitious young lady.” Nyasha Salmon, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Social Work Major, LIU Post


HEOP Works!First-Time College Student

1. A resident of New York State
2. A high school graduate or its equivalent
3. Economically disadvantaged as defined by the New York State Education Department guidelines
4. Ineligible to attend LIU Post under regular admissions standards
5. Potential to succeed

Transfer Students

Any student who is a New York State resident, who has previously attended a post-secondary institution and who has participated in an opportunity program such as HEOP, SEEK, and/or College Discovery is eligible to apply.