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Graduate Advisors

Pursuing a master's or doctoral degree is an intellectually rigorous and challenging undertaking. To ensure your academic success, LIU Post assigns each graduate student with an academic advisor or faculty member. Our helpful advisors will guide you through degree program requirements and course selection and will provide information and strategies for using campus resources. Our advisors provide continuous support to all students and are committed to preparing them for a lifetime of contribution and achievement.

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Academic Programs Advisor Phone E-mail
Art Prof. Seung Lee 516-299-2465

Art Therapy Dr. Christine Kerr 516-299-

Art Ed Dr. Donna Tuman 516-299-2464

Interactive Multimedia Art (IMA) Prof. Patrick Aievoli 516-299-2869

Music Dr. Paul Kim 516-299-3014

Theatre Dr. Cara Gargano 516-299-2353

Digital Game Design and Development Ramiro Corbetta 516-299-2382

College of Education, Information and Technology

Academic Programs Advisor Phone E-mail
Art Ed., Music Ed., School Counselor, Mental Health Counseling Mr. Dan Heller 516-299-2183


Leadership & Administration; Middle & Adolescence Education (Sciences, Foreign Languages)
Early Childhood Education A-L
Ms. Camille Marziliano 516-299-2123


Dual Programs in Childhood/Literacy & Childhood/Special Education, Middle & Adolescence Education (Social Studies)
Early Childhood Education M-Z
Childhood Education
Ms. Isha Morgenstern 516-299-3554


Speech-Language Pathology Mr. Michael Giacalone 516-299-2995


Teacher Certification Office - Graduate Advisor Supervisor Dr. Michael Hogan 516-299-2870


Certification Manager Susan Parente 516-299-4121
TESOL, Literacy, Special Education Ms. Lucille DeVito 516-299-2199


Interdisciplinary in Educational Studies (Ed.D.) Dr. Paula Lester 516-299-2191


Information Systems, Computer Science Education, Management Engineering Prof. Chris Malinowski 516-299-2663
Library and Information Science, School Media Specialist, Archives & Records Management Ms. Gerry Kopczynski 516-299-2857
Library and Information Science (Manhattan Location) Ms. Alice Flynn 212-998-2680
Information Studies (Doctoral Program) Dr. Gregory Hunter 516-299-2171

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Academic Programs Advisor Phone E-mail
Biology/Middle & Adolescence Education (Biology) Dr. Scott Santagata 516-299-3029

Criminal Justice, Security Administration Ms. Laura Toja 516-299-2986

Earth Science/Environmental Sustainability/Middle & Adolescence Education(Earth Science) Dr. Margaret Boorstein 516-299-3058

English/Middle & Adolescence Education (English) Dr. Thomas Fahy 516-299-2391

History/Middle & Adolescence Education (Social Studies) Dr. John Diehl 516-299-2730

Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Glynis Pereyra 516-299-2233

Mathematics/Middle & Adolescence Education (Mathematics)

Dr. Arvind Borde

Dr. Corbett Redden


Political Science/Middle & Adolescence Education (Social Studies) Dr. Michael Soupios 516-299-2407

Psychology - Experimental (MA), Behavior Analysis (MA), Applied Behavior Analysis (Adv. Cert.) Dr. Nancy Frye 516-299-2377

Psychology - Clinical (Psy.D.) Dr. Eva Feindler 516-299-2090

Spanish/Middle & Adolescence Education (Spanish) Dr. Erica Frouman-Smith 516-299-2385

School of Health Professions and Nursing

Academic Programs Advisor Phone E-mail
Medical Biology, Clinical Lab Sciences, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Nutrition, Dietetic Internship Lorraine Tejpal 516-299-4094 



Jeanne Boeggeman

Social Work Betsy Klipera, Program Coordinator 516-299-3924

College of Management
(Accountancy, Business, Healthcare and Public Administration)

Academic Programs Advisor Phone E-mail

Ms. Cathy Black




M.B.A. Programs and Business Certificate Ms. Cathy Black 516-299-4182

Health Care Administration, Gerontology, Public Administration Jessica Daudier 516-299-2770