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The Honors Lounge

All Honors Program students are welcome at the Honors Lounge, which is located adjacent to the Honors Program Office at 201 Humanities. The lounge can function as a meeting place, a study room, a lunch room, an art gallery or somewhere to just rest and catch your breath. Think of it as your home away from home.

The lounge is available for your use weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm. If you need to use the Lounge after that time or if you have additional uses for the Lounge, please notify someone in the office to work out the details. We are always happy to assist you in any way. Your friends - whether they are in honors or not - are most welcome to join you in the Lounge.

A Meeting Place

Are you new to Campus? Looking to meet other people who are also new to the surroundings or those who already know their way around Campus? Then the Honors Lounge is the place to meet them. Many of your fellow Honors students visit the Lounge during the day. Students who are between classes or have a cancelled class gather in the Lounge to pass time. Those students who have been here for a year or more and have established friendships meet in the Lounge to see their friends and catch up on the news.

It is a good idea to stop into the Lounge from time to time to get updated on any changes or additions to Merit Fellowship meetings. You may also find that some of the Merit Fellowship meetings are scheduled to meet in the Lounge.

A Study Room

The Honors Lounge can be a quiet room. Many students gather in the Lounge to study alone or in groups. Several computers, which have been installed with the last software, are located in the Lounge for your use.

A Lunch Room

A microwave oven, refrigerator, and toaster are provided for your use in the Lounge. Students will often leave their lunches in the refrigerator on their way to class and will return at lunchtime to eat. Please remember to clean up after yourselves. Would you like to run a luncheon, birthday party, or holiday celebration? We are pleased to have students organize such events in the Lounge. Just ask Tracey or Dr. Digby.

Art Gallery

Art students may use the Lounge to display their artwork. If an art exhibition is the end-product of your thesis requirement, it can be done in the Lounge. If you just want to show off your work and provide your fellow students with enjoyment, this is the place for you. You may even have an opening night reception in the Lounge. All artwork may be displayed in the Lounge for one month.

Clubs and Activities

If you are organizing a club or having a meeting that involves other students or faculty, the Lounge is open for your use. It's a comfortable place for informal discussions. Please check with Tracey to be sure the date that you wish to use the Lounge is open.