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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) at LIU Post was established in 2008 to marshal collaboration among faculty, staff and administrators to improve institutional quality through integrated planning and assessment. The OIE supports a comprehensive and systematic approach to institutional effectiveness to provide evidence that LIU Post is effectively fulfilling its vision, mission and goals. The OIE advances a culture of accountability, transparency and innovation by actively engaging the campus community in the continuous improvement of student learning, support services, and campus operations.

The OIE provides consultative leadership and assistance to administrative departments in:

  • Planning
  • Assessment
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Action Analytics & Improvement
  • Organizational & Employee Development
  • Accreditation & Compliance


  • Facilitate the development and implementation of strategic and operating plans
  • Facilitate an alignment of mission and purpose across co-curricular and administrative units and a cohesiveness between strategic and operating plans
  • Conduct self-study reviews and organizational assessments
  • Identify annual goals and action plans
  • Identify and prioritize expected outcomes


  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Assess student learning and functional outcomes
  • Develop metrics in co-curricular and administrative units
  • Review and analyze key performance indicators
  • Coordinate access to internal and external resources to inform metrics development, e.g., IT, IR, Campus Labs (StudentVoice)
  • Share best practices and new research in the assessment of co-curricular learning and institutional effectiveness

Data Collection & Reporting

  • Assist in accessing and collecting data
  • Assist in reporting results and improvements
  • Develop an annual report in collaboration with co-curricular and administrative units
  • Maintain a systematic archive that documents the work of institutional effectiveness

Action Analytics & Improvement

  • Assist in data analysis and identifying trends
  • Support converting data to information and using it in strategic decision-making and to facilitate improvement, resource prioritization and allocation, budgeting, reporting, and the revision of goals, action plans and outcomes
  • Advise on approaches to improving business processes and student learning outcomes
  • Advise on the design, development and implementation of improvement projects

Organizational & Employee Development

  • Cultivate a learning community for employees through the Partners in Post Pride professional development program
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of staff in the areas of planning, assessment, metrics, project management, process improvement, budgeting, innovation, and reporting
  • Design training curriculum for student services staff to improve performance¸ encourage innovation and enhance a student-centered environment
  • Identify e-learning, mentoring, workshop, and conference opportunities for employees/units
  • Maintain an interactive and dynamic Web site with relevant resources

Accreditation & Compliance

  • Monitor compliance with Middle States standards concerning institutional effectiveness, co-curricular learning, and administrative functions
  • Educate, inform and advise senior leadership and staff on requirements of accrediting bodies
  • Coordinate and track various tasks and activities related to accreditation and assessment in cooperation with University and Campus leadership

“Take quality seriously, assess honestly, report openly, improve continuously.”
New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability