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Andrea Stulman Dennett

Professor of Graduate Theatre StudiesAdjunct Professor

B. A., Tufts University, Magna Cum LaudeM.A., NYU Department of Performance StudiesPh.D., NYU department of Performance Studies


Andrea Stulman Dennett has been an adjunct professor at Long Island University, LIU Post Campus since 1977 teaching undergraduates, graduates, and honors students. Before getting her Ph.D in Performance Studies, she was a working actress and trained with The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and attended a 1 year program with The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. While in graduate school at NYU, she worked as Brooks McNamara's assistant, helping him form the Shubert Archive.


Performance Studies, Performance Theory, Popular Entertainment, Theater History, Acting


Author, "Weird and Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America" NYU Press
Author, The Dime Museum Freak Show Reconfigured as Talk Show published in "Freakery: Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body"
T.V. Turns to Voyeuristic Freak Show
Co-author, "Disaster Spectacles at the Turn of the Century" published in Film and History
Author, "A Postmodern Look at EPCOT's American Adventure" published in the Journal of Popular Culture

Lectures and Presentations

Conference Papers:
"The Dime Museum in the Contemporary Imagination" (Congress of Curious People)
"The Dime Museum and Popular Education" (Coney Island USA & Morbid Anatomy  & Observatory)
"Theatre, Pedagogy, and Performance Studies: From Wrestling to Ritual" (ASTR)
"Theatre, Pedagogy, and a Little Bit of 'Distory'" (National Collegiate Honors Society)
"Laughing in the Face of Danger: Disaster Re-enactments at Coney Island" (ATHE)
"Reaffirming the American Dream at EPCOT: The Role and Significance of the Image in American Culture"(Adelphi University)
"A Postmodern Look at EPCOT's American Adventure" (The Association for Integrative Studies)
"A Performance Day in the History of New York City: the Straight Play, December 27, 1917" (Popular Culture Association)
"The Evolution of the Performing Conjurer in England , 1600-1820" (ASTR)
"Luna Park: The Heart of Coney Island" (The Association for the Study of Play)


Exhibition Consultant to Barnum Museum (1998)


Participated in the following documentaries:
"Republic of the Bowery" (2002)
"The Hidden History of the Sideshow" (1999)