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David Roll

David Roll

Professor and Director of Clinical Training

Ph.D. Florida State University


David Roll earned his Ph.D. degree at the Florida State University. He joined the faculty at C.W. Post in September, 1969. He is the currently coordinator of the Developmental Disabilities Concentration as well as the Director of Clinical Training for the doctoral program. Throughout his career at Post Dr. Roll has taught behavior analysis and conducted research in application of behavior analysis to enhancing competence and independence for people with developmental disabilities. He has been active in the community by providing clinical and consulting services to agencies serving people with developmental disabilities. He was Psychology Supervisor for the Young Adult Institute and a Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the Nassau-Suffolk Services for Autism. Dr. Roll started the New York State Association for Behavior Analysis (NYSABA) with two colleagues from C.W. Post. He served as president of the organization for two terms and currently serves as Co-chair of the Legislative Committee. He became the second Board Certified Behavior Analyst in New York and played a leadership role in making this national certification program available to behavior analysts in New York. In November, 2001 he was recognized with an "Award of Excellence for Service to NYSABA". Dr. Roll is working on legislation to recognize Board Certified Behavior Analysts in New York. Dr. Roll developed his interest and expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy in the Behavior Analysis and Modification Project at UCLA and as a Fellow at the Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. He served as an Independent Evaluator for a Multi-site evaluation of cognitive behavior therapy and medication to treat panic disorder with agoraphobia.


Applied Behavior Analysis, Certification of Applied Behavior Analysts and application of behavior analysis to social skills development in people with developmental disabilities, and cognitive-behavioral therapy for mood disorders.


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