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George A. Giuliani

Professor of Education

B.S., State University of New York at New PaltzM.S., Ph.D., St. John’s University


Dr. Giuliani was hired as an assistant professor in February 1966; he became an associate professor in 1968 and a full professor in 1970. Dr. Giuliani was named director of student teaching and chair of elementary education in 1968 and chair of special education and literacy in 1980. He served as dean of undergraduate programs in the School of Education from 1970-1974.

Dr. Giuliani co-authored “Finding Your Best Place to Live in America”; “Mating, How To Select An Ideal Mate”; and “Why Liberal Thinking Changed America, The Evolution of Justice In Our Nation’s History.” He has served on various on-campus committees including the Faculty Personnel Committee (three terms), the Personnel Committee of the Department of Special Education and Literacy, and the Curriculum Committee (30 years). The faculty of the School of Education elected him to chair the School’s Faculty Advisory Committee for three years; he also was elected to chair the Dean’s Search Committee. In addition, Dr. Giuliani served as co-director of the Catholic Learning Center for 32 years and as director of the Catholic Counseling Center for 36 years.


Clinical Psychology, Special Education


  • Co-author, “Finding Your Best Place to Live in America”
  • Co-author, “Mating, How to Select an Ideal Mate”
  • Co-author, “Why Liberal Thinking Changed America, The Evolution of Justice in Our Nation’s History”


  • Recipient, Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teacher (1975)


  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • Member, New York State Psychological Association
  • Member, Nassau County Psychological Association
  • Member, Suffolk County Psychological Association
  • Member, National Association of Special Education Teachers
  • Member, National Association of Parents and Children in Special Education