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Marco Codebò

Associate Professor of Italian and French

Laurea, University of Genoa (Italy)Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara


Before joining the Foreign Language Department at LIU Post, Marco Codebò taught at UCLA, the University of Houston and Colorado College. He studied literature and philosophy at the University of Genoa and comparative literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His scholarship focuses on 19th- and 20th-century fiction in France, Italy and Latin America, as well as on the relation between the modern novel, archives and historiography. His book, “Narrating from the Archive: Novels, Records, and Bureaucrats in the Modern Age” will be published in Spring 2010 by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. He has published articles on Manzoni, Celati, Boccaccio, Tozzi, Eloy Martínez and Euclides da Cunha. He also authored three works of fiction, “Via dei Serragli” and “Appuntamento,” both novels, and “École normale supérieure,” a collection of short stories.


Italian and French Languages; Italian Cinema; The Historical Novel in France, Italy, England and Latin America; the Theory of the Novel


  • Author, “Narrating from the Archive: Novels, Records, and Bureaucrats in the Modern Age” (forthcoming)
  • Author, “Manzoni nella postmodernità: il romanzo storico dopo gli anni ’60 e l’eredità dei Promessi Sposi/Storia della Colonna Infame.”
  • Author, “Scomodi compagni di banco: scrittori e notai fra Boccaccio e Manzoni,” published in “Italica” (2007)
  • Author, “The City as Archive in Tomás Eloy Martínez El cantor de tango,” published in Archives & Social Studies: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (2007).
  • Author, “The Dossier Novel: (Post)Modern Fiction and the Discourse of the Archive,” published in InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies (2007)
  • Author, “The Voice and the Events in Manlio Calegari’s Comunisti e partigiani: Genova 1942-1945,” published in “Orality and Literacy in Modern Italian Culture” (2006)
  • Author, “Records, Fiction, and Power in Alessandro Manzoni’s I promessi sposi and Storia della colonna infame,” published in MLN (2006)
  • Author, “Oralità e scrittura nei Narratori delle pianure di Gianni Celati,” published in “Da Calvino agli ipertesti: prospettive della postmodernità nella letteratura italiana” (2002)
  • Author, “The Vision of the Outsider in Euclides da Cuhna’s Os Sertões, Mario Vargas Llosa’s La guerra del fin del mundo, and José J. Veiga’s A casca da serpente,” published in “The Image of the Outsider in Literature, Media, and Society: Selected Papers (2002)
  • Author, “True Biography vs. False Autobiography in Boccaccio's Short Story of Ser Ciappelletto,” published in West Virginia University Philological Papers (2000)
  • Author, “Italian Narrative in the Early Twentieth Century: Weinrich vs. Genette” published in West Virginia University Philological Papers (1999)
  • Author, “Straniamento ed epifania in ‘Pigionali’ di Federigo Tozzi,” published in MLN (1999)
  • Author, “La rappresentazione del tempo in Giovani di Federigo Tozzi,” published in Rivista di Studi Italiani (1998)
  • Author, “Guy de Maupassant in Federigo Tozzi,” published in MLN (1998): 213-230.
  • Author, “Il personaggio della madre in tre romanzi di Alberto Moravia,” published in Romance Linguistics and Literature Review (1997)
  • Author, “Review: La scrittura dell’inquietudine. Saggio su Alessandro Manzoni by Pierantonio Frare,” published in Italica (forthcoming)
  • Author, “Review: Il paese mancato by Bruno Crainz,” published in Italian Culture (forthcoming)
  • Author, “Review: “Voyage critique dans la literature italienne des années soixante-dix à nos jours, ed. Denis Ferraris,” published in Annali di Italianistica (2009)
  • Author, “Review: Alessandro Manzoni: A Critical Bibliography, 1950-2000 by Augustus Pallotta,” published in Italica (forthcoming)
  • Author, “Review: La sega di Hitler by Manlio Calegari,” published in Italica (2007)
  • Author, “Review: La civiltà del castagno: Storia, cultura e memoria del borgo di Cisiano in Val Lentro by Tullio Pagano,” published in Italian Culture (2006-07)
  • Author, “Review: 1910: The Emancipation of Dissonance, by Thomas Harrison,” published in Carte Italiane (1999)
  • Author, “Review: Carlo Emilio Gadda and the Modern Macaronic, by Albert Sbragia,” published in Rivista di Studi Italiani (1998)
  • Author, “Review: A Collection of Essays, eds. Bruno Ferraro and Nicole Prunster,” published in Rivista di Studi Italiani (1998)
  • Author, “Review: Reading Eco. An Anthology, ed. Rocco Capozzi,” published in Rivista di Studi Italiani (1997) and Studi Italiani (1998)
  • Author, “Review: Antonio Tabucchi. A Collection of Essays. Editori Bruno Ferraro e Nicole Prunster,” published by Rivista di Studi Italiani (1998)
  • Reading Eco. An Anthology. Ed. Rocco Capozzi. Rivista di Studi Italiani 15.2 (1997): 304-307.


  • Author, “Appuntamento” (2009)
  • Author, “L’urlo,” published in L’Accalappiacani (2009)
  • Author, “Un poliziotto a Cunassa,” published in Il Secolo XIX (2007)
  • Author, “École normale supérieure” (2006)
  • Author, “Il maestro degli alberi che ballano,” published in Nuova Prosa (2006)
  • Author, “Lo scudetto,” published in Almanacco Odradek (2005)
  • Author, “L’ultima montagna,” published in NAE (2005)
  • Author, “Via dei Serragli” (2003)

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