Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement

Thinking of a career in medicine or veterinary science? A liberal arts degree from the LIU Post – with support from the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Program – is a great place to start.

Careers in medicine are exciting and rewarding. Whether your goal is to enroll in medical, osteopathy, dental or veterinary school or to specialize in optometry, chiropractic or podiatric care, your options are limitless, but the key to success begins with your undergraduate degree preparation.

Many students who plan to enter the field of medicine earn their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in such liberal arts subjects as English, history, political science, math, economics or the laboratory sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, or psychology). These programs equip you with the research, writing and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the competitive and demanding world of medicine.

At LIU Post, the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Program will provide you with personal guidance as you make important decisions relating to advanced study and achieving professional goals.  The Program is open to any student who is interested in a career in the medical field. Our program has successfully helped hundreds of students achieve their goal of becoming physicians, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, chiropractors and podiatrists.

Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee

The Pre- Medical Advisement Committee is designed to assist students in their pursuit of admission to professional schools in medicine. The program is administered by a committee consisting of faculty members from various academic departments of the University. Students should register with the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee as early as possible in their academic careers. The Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee Chair will counsel students as to courses they should take to fulfill the requirements of the professional school they wish to attend. When a student has registered with the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee Chair, he/she will be assigned to a member of the committee who will serve as the student's sponsor throughout the college years. The committee chair and the sponsor advise students about such things as their course of study and gaining admission to professional schools.

In addition, the Pre-Medical student will be interviewed by two Committee members. The interviewers' evaluations will be placed in the student's file, which is used to write a letter of recommendation to the professional schools.

Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee Members
  • Dr. Karin Melkonian, Committee Chair, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Joan Digby, Director of Honors Program, Department of English
  • Dr. Stewart Karp, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. James Peters, Department of Physics/Math
  • Dr. Ted Brummel, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Grace Rossi, Department of Psychology
Requirements for Professional Schools

A student who wishes to pursue a career in medicine may choose any major, keeping in mind that professional schools seek applicants with good liberal arts backgrounds. The professional schools require the following minimum science courses:

  • One year of General Biology (BIO 103 and 104)
  • One year of General Chemistry (CHM 3 and 4)
  • One year of Organic Chemistry (CHM 21 and 22)
  • One year of General Physics (PHY 3 and 4 for which calculus is a prerequisite or PHY 11 and 12 for which calculus is not a prerequisite)

Pre-medical students should attempt to complete these requirements before the end of their junior year so that they are prepared to take the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), DAT (Dental Admissions Test), GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) in the spring of their junior year.

Pre-Medical Student File

After registering with the Chair of the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee, the student will be asked to complete a file that will be used to formulate an overall evaluation of his/her ability, personality and commitment. The student file will consist of an autobiography, academic appraisals from faculty, interview evaluations, and descriptions of volunteer work and other non-academic recommendations from employers, physicians, dentists, or others. The student's file forms the basis of the composite letter of recommendation to the professional schools.

When the pre-med student has completed the requirements for the professional school, taken the professional school admission test, and completed his/her file, the sponsor, together with the chairman of the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Committee will write a composite letter based on the contents of the student's file, which will be sent to those professional schools to which the student has applied.  Most schools prefer a committee letter to support the student's application.

Internships and Career Planning

LIU Post's nationally recognized Career Services office organizes internships that allow you to earn money while exploring the medical fields. The Career Services office holds career fairs and seminars to discuss the range of internships.  In the area of medicine, typical opportunities include internships in a hospital, physician's office or clinic, and even the county medical examiner's office. These also result in hands-on experience and recommendations for professional school applications or future employment.

Clubs for Pre-Medical Students

LIU Post offers a broad range of organizations that will allow you to build your professional network for the future. Students pursuing careers in medicine will be particularly interested in:

  • Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society - Student members engage in scientific research, present papers at national and local conferences and have access to the latest information in the biological field.
  • Aesculapius - This club for Pre-Medical students offers weekly meetings, lectures, seminars and networking events with prominent health care professionals to help you prepare for a future in the medical profession.

For more information about the Pre-Medical Sciences Advisement Program, please contact the Advisement Committee chair, Dr. Karin Melkonian at 516-299-2481 or .