Department of Foreign Languages

The mastery of a foreign language enables students to deepen their understanding of another culture while learning to appreciate diverse influences on American culture. The study of a foreign language develops communication skills, heightens cultural awareness, improves career opportunities and encourages precision in thought and expression.

The Department of Foreign Languages offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in some of the world’s most widely spoken languages – French, Italian and Spanish. The Department also offers the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Languages, where you can focus on three languages of your choice (French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish). In conjunction with LIU Post’s College of Education, Information and Technology, the Department offers excellent preparation for careers as French, Italian and Spanish teachers. Courses are multi-faceted and encompass foreign cultures, literature, grammar, history, art and music. Our professors have a wealth of expertise as published authors, researchers, travelers and educators.

Why Study Foreign Languages?
  • To increase employment possibilities, broaden skills and aid in career advancement
  • To gain insight into foreign cultures, history, government, politics, art music and literature
  • To read primary works in the sciences, arts, politics and government, as well as business, economics and international trade
  • To make foreign travel more meaningful and enjoyable
  • To facilitate international communication, strengthen ties with foreign governments and peoples and help further cultural and business contacts
  • To better appreciate the cultural diversity of the community
Diploma Recognition for Foreign Language Study

All students who graduate from LIU Post may receive special recognition for acquiring skills in a foreign language. If you earn an overall grade of C or higher in four or more French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Spanish courses at LIU Post, you will receive a special certificate and a permanent notation on your transcript that reads “Citation of Achievement in a Foreign Language.”

Undergraduate Programs Dual Program
B.A. in Spanish B.S. in Adolescence Education -Spanish/M.A. in Spanish
Career Opportunities

In today’s job market there is an ever-growing need for people who speak more than one language. Graduates of our program find positions in business, teaching and government including the FBI, CIA, foreign trade, international business, communications, the media, banking, publishing and airlines. The services of translators and interpreters are important to courts, financial markets and the stock exchanges. Social and psychology workers and doctors also need foreign languages to carry out their duties. The list is endless, and the career possibilities of our foreign language majors are continually expanding. Fields such as computer science, political science and graduate studies in humanities and science often require foreign language examinations and skills.


Ahead of the Class

Aspiring Spanish teachers can get on the fast track to launching their careers through a five-year program that combines the Bachelor of Science in Adolescent Education in Spanish with a Master of Arts degree in Spanish.

Language Immersion

Experiencing the history and culture of a region and meeting the people who speak the native tongue is a fundamental part of becoming fluent in a foreign language. Through LIU Global, students in the Department of Foreign Languages have the opportunity to learn languages through full immersion through semesters at our Costa Rica, Spain, or Italian centers.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean

Joan Ruckel
Executive Assistant to the Dean