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The Korea Center, previously known as the Korea Project, was founded in the Spring of 1995 by Dr. Changboh Chee, a sociology professor at LIU Post.

Working in close association with the Korean Alumni and Student Associations, as well as the Korean community, the Korea Center helps Korean students studying at Long Island University adjust to the American lifestyle and language, to overcome academic difficulties, and to obtain tutoring services and scholarships. It also assists American students who want to study in Korea. Long Island University currently holds exchange programs with Keimyung University, Kyonggi University, Kyung Hee University, Kyungju University, and Yonsei University.

In 1996, the Korea Center received a collection of books on Korea since the 1950s, as well as a number of videotapes through a gift to Dr. Chee. Efforts to obtain additional equipment, resources and funding to maintain a special library concentrating on modern Korean history are being made on LIU Post.

In addition to academic assistance, the Korea Center promotes consciousness of Korean arts and culture, and has helped sponsor lectures, dance and music performances.

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Changboh Chee, Ph.D
Director, Korea Center
Klar Intercultural Center
LIU Post
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