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Graduation Gowns

Billy AchnitzMay 2011 marked the first Commencement that LIU Post graduates donned eco-friendly gowns made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. In fact, it takes an average of 23 plastic bottles to make each gown.

The GreanWeaver gowns, manufactured by Virginia-based Oak Hall Cap & Gown, represent one of the many initiatives that LIU Post has taken in recent years to become a more sustainable campus.

"Commencement is a time when all eyes are on our campus. It's a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of environmental responsibility and reducing our impact on the planet," said Dr. Paul Forestell, Provost of LIU Post. “The use of eco-friendly gowns will mean less waste, and will symbolize this campus’ commitment to sustainability."

Since May 2011, LIU Post has graduated over 4,900 students, while also simultaneously diverting over 112,000 plastic bottles from landfills.

In addition to wearing the GreenWeaver gowns, graduates of LIU Post are invited to also take the “Green and Gold Pledge”, in which they vow to improve the social and environmental issues in their homes, jobs and communities.

With only 8% of colleges and universities supporting GreenWeaver, LIU Post is one of the few schools in the United States partaking in this initiative.

If you wish to dispose of your cap and gown after Commencement, you may recycle it at the LIU Post Bookstore. Collection boxes are provided by Oak Hall Cap & Gown and you can be assured that your cap and gown will be responsibly recycled again into another cap and gown.