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HawkOne wonderful aspect of campus life is sharing our space with wildlife. The picturesque LIU Post Campus, located on 307 sprawling acres, in Brookville, NY serves as a natural habitat for many animals, including a species of plover called killdeer, varieties of hawk, fox, squirrels, rabbits, shrews, snakes, turtles and other assorted creatures.

"We are fortunate that the campus started off as a private estate, which means all of the natural pockets of the original, indigenous woodland are still in existence," said Case Joosse, grounds manager at LIU Post. "There is a lot of open space between buildings and no high-rises which allows for biodiversity."

WoodpeckerIn his 28 years at LIU Post, Joosse says he has become a naturalist, taking great interest in the biological aspects of nature. He says he has spotted a myriad of animals on Campus, including three different hawk species, piping plovers, woodpeckers, turkey vultures, screech owls, ospreys, raccoons, possums, fox and even a mother duck with her seven ducklings waddling through the Rose Garden. The pond at the Karlan-Geisman Meditation Garden by the Admissions building is stocked with koi.

In addition to natural wildlife, the Campus features bridle paths and is home to North Shore Equestrian Center.

Joosse says if you are lucky enough to see an animal on campus, the general rule is to observe from a distance and not to interfere with the animal.

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