TEDxLIU Club is created to help prepare for the TEDxLIU conference. TEDxLIU Club is a place for all the TED team members and TED fans to gather together and discuss how to make the TEDxLIU Conference successful. In addition, the TEDxLIU will be organizing an internal TEDxLIU Mock Talk Competition. The competition will run in an American Idol format. About 30 to 40 LIU students will be selected to participate a mock TED talk, then 15 will be selected by the second round, 5 by the third round, 1 by the final round. The final winner will be the honorable TEDxLIU speaker!

Criteria for participating in the TEDxLIU Mock Talk Competition:

  1. having 3.0 or higher GPA
  2. are passionate about TEDxLIU
  3. having creative ideas to share
  4. having great public speaking skills

For information about the TEDxLIU club, please contact: rebecca.saltzman@liu.edu.