Speaker (11/27/13)
15 Letters of Invitation have been signed by President Kimberly Cline and mailed out.  So far four speakers have been confirmed:  1) Richard Keeling, 2) David Kline, 3) William Brennan, and Arel Moodie. All speakers are very excited about participating in this event!

Committee (11/25/13)
Two new members are invited by Dr. Dengting Boyanton to join the TEDxLIU Committee: Dr. Kay Sato and Dr. Maura Belliveau. Dr. Kay Sato is the Assistant Provost and also the Director of The Hutton House Lectures Series at LIU Post. She has many experiences in coordinating big conferences. Dr.   Maura Belliveau is the Secretary of the Faculty Council and also a professor of management at LIU Post. She had first-hand experience with TEDx by participating in the TEDxEmory as a guest speaker in 2011. Dr. Boyanton is confident that these two's expertise will contribute a lot to this event. Welcome both on board!

Publicity (11/21)

Dr. Vincent Scovetta presented the TEDxLIU event at the LIU Post Faculty Council and received positive feedback from the audiences.

Dr. Amy Gaimaro and Ms. Rita Langton are working together creating the 3-D TEDxLIU stage sign.

Sponsorship (11/20)

The sponsorship team (Ms. Katherine Howlett  and Ms. Jennifer Greisofe) have created a list of sponsors that they plan to review. They are also working on creating a sponsorship proposal page that they can use to present to potential sponsors. They will be sharing this proposal page with the Committee at the 12/6/13 committee meeting.

Club (11/19)

The TEDxLIU club just had a VERY successful General Interest Meeting at 12:30pm in Pioneer Room, Hillwood today. Rebecca Saltzman and Matthew Coleman did a fantastic job presenting the TEDxLIU. We had about 23 students attended this meeting and showed enthusiasm in participating! Congratulations, Rebecca and Matt!!  Dr. Vincent Scovetta brought cookies and candies for all the participants as a thank-you for their participation. Thank you, Dr. Scovetta! In addition, Dr. Kay Sato (Assistant Provost) and Dr. Michael Hogan (Associate Dean of CEIT) also attended this meeting to show their support for the TEDxLIU! The TEDxLIU Student Speaker Application form is due on 12/16. Application form is available online

Details for the two contests are below:

1st TEDxLIU Student Speaker Contest: Feb 19, 2014 (Wednesday)
2nd TEDxLIU Student Speaker Contest: March 5, 2014 (Wednesday)
Recital Hall, Tilles Center

TEDxLIU Club (11/18/13)

The TEDxLIU Club is open for Student Speaker application. The application form was added to the Tedx website.

TEDxLU Committee (11/2/13)

TEDxLIU Executive Board: Dr. Dengting Boyanton has invited Dr. Vincent Scovetta, to help co-direct this event as the conference co-director. Dr. Scovetta happily accepted this new position.:)

TEDxLIU Club (10/29/13)

The TEDxLIU Team (Rebecca, Matt, and Dengting) did a TEDxLIU presentation at the SGA (Student Government Association) meeting at 6:30pm on October 29, 2013. About 60 students attended this meeting. The students were very excited to hear about this event. We had 10 students signed up for the TEDxlIU club to participate in the TEDxLIU Mock Competition already! The TEDxLIU Club Coordinator Rebecca Saltzman was really thrilled by the enthusiasm of the students.

Sponsorship (10/18/13)

The sponsorship sub-team had a very productive meeting today at 11am in LIB 320. The team discussed strategies and plans on how to approach external sponsors. The sponsorship team will also finalize the first 12 potential speakers to be invited as the first wave suggested by Program Coordinator Mathew Coleman.