How We Help You

Our expert staff will help you pair the director’s vision with the ideal visual assets at our versatile campus. We have extensive experience with matching facilities with many kinds of scripts. In addition, the Campus Facilities Department assists and works with film technical staff on various needs (painting, electrical, engineering, carpentry, etc.) and the Public Safety Office provides security personnel and arranges parking options for the film crew and equipment.

We have been the scene for both small one-day filming as well as two-week major motion pictures and reshoots. Our campus is large enough that you can conduct filming in a private way, or tap into the undercurrent of youthful vitality that you find on a traditional college campus, as extras or interns.

Note: We are first and foremost a private institution of higher learning and you can expect heavy academic activity during the Fall and Spring semesters. We serve traditional college demographics of ages 18 to 25 (which some filmmakers use to their advantage). However, if you require privacy and intense flexibility, we recommend the summer months and weekends as the best days for filming.

We invite you to contact Conference Services at 516-299-2783 or email to arrange a tour of the campus.

Customer Service Highlights:
* Knowledgeable Conference Services staff assist with logistical planning
* Facilities with various sizes to accommodate holding rooms and catering needs
* Up to 2,200-seat lecture halls/theatres to accommodate screenings
* Registered with Nassau County Film Commission


  • Horses grazing
  • Tilles Center
  • Humanities Hall aerial
  • Mansion aerial
  • Exhibit space (Steinberg Museum of Art , Hutchins Gallery)